Best camping mattresses

If you are looking for the best camping mattress for a large group or single person, there are a few different options. The Exped MegaMat Duo is one option, which is about the size of a queen mattress. It features two flat valves and a mini pump that help firm it up. The mattress also comes with the innovative SideWinder stuff sack, a new way to pack a large camping mattress. The downside is that it doesn’t pack down very small, but it still manages to be lightweight and easy to transport. This model is also available in a single-person version.


In honor of the 50th anniversary of Therm-a-Rest camping and RV mattresses, the company is celebrating their 50th year of making comfortable camping mattresses. After all, camping and RV sleeping on the ground is nothing like sleeping on a mattress. In the past, sleeping on the ground meant sleeping on blankets and dense foam.

The company started with a self-inflating camping mattress and has grown to include a variety of camping products. Its most popular product, the LuxuryMap Sleeping Pad, is made from three inches of memory foam. It also features a unique air pocket that sits on top of the pad at the point where your body exerts more pressure. The pad is comfortable for both back and side sleepers and offers excellent support.

Besides being comfortable, camping mattresses also need to be easy to use and transport. You should also be able to easily deflate and inflate the mattress. This is important when you’re out on a long camping trip or traveling with kids or dogs. Therm-a-Rest camping and RV mattresses are available in three different sizes.

When comparing camping mattresses, make sure you check the insulation level. A higher R-value means better insulation. However, not all manufacturers provide this information. The R-value of a mattress is important because winter camping in colder climates requires better insulation. A mattress with an R-value of 3 is ideal for summer camping, but a higher R-value of five is necessary for winter camping.

The thickness of a camping mattress is important as well. A thicker mattress is more comfortable and will cradle your body while sleeping. A thicker mattress also means that it won’t bottom out when you sit up.


If you want durability and comfort in your camping mattress, you’ll love the Intex camping mattresses. They feature a special Fiber-Tech technology that reinforces the mattress’ fabric with polyester strands. This helps reduce the risk of the mattress popping or puncturing. Plus, the Intex air mattresses have a surprisingly soft feel.

Intex has a wide variety of camping mattresses available in several sizes. You can find a thin camping mattress or a thick deluxe air bed, depending on your preference. The Intex Dura-Beam Hi-Rise Premium Comfort Airbed with Internal Pump is a thicker air mattress that has many exciting features. It would be a great fit for sleeping guests at your house and is ideal for camping.

Intex’s Dura-Beam is designed for in-home use, and it is quite large for camping. If you’re a smaller camper, this would not be a good option, but the company has other camping air mattresses that would be more comfortable and fit through your tent flap.

Sierra Designs

One of the best ways to get a good night’s sleep on your camping trip is with a Sierra Designs camping mattress. With its king-size design, this mattress is ideal for couples and other people of all types. It weighs just over five pounds and features a high-quality foam insulation and stretch tricot top. It also includes a shoulder bag and a mini pump for quick filling and deflation.

Another option is the Sierra Designs 2-Person Airbed, which is a comfortable sleep surface for two people in a tent. This mattress is made of an environmentally-friendly TPU material, which means it won’t stretch as quickly as traditional air mattresses. This airbed also comes with an integrated pillow and standard queen-size sheets. Other features include a battery-operated pump, a two-way Boston valve, and a storage bag.

When choosing a camping mattress, consider the R-value of the mattress. The higher the R-value, the better the insulation. However, air mattresses are generally not insulated. Another consideration when choosing a camping mattress is the type of camping you’ll be doing. If you’ll be camping during the summer, you’ll need minimal insulation, while winter camping will require extra insulation.

Another important consideration when buying a camping mattress is the temperature control. The Sierra Designs Backcountry Bed is ideal for mild to cool temperatures, and the quilt allows you to easily regulate the temperature. The venting in the lower part of the bed can also help manage overheating. Overall, the Backcountry Bed offers great comfort and a good balance between weight and bulk.

Hest Dually

The HEST Dually Camping Mattress is a double mattress that offers support and pressure relief for the most comfortable night’s sleep. It has a durable, stretch cover that is made of moisture-wicking, breathable nylon. It folds up for compact storage and features two buckles for secure closure. It also comes with a carry handle for easy portability.

The Hest Dually is a dual-layer mattress that features an engineered open-cell foam on top and a high-resilience foam layer on the bottom. The top foam conforms to the body and offers adequate pressure point relief and adequate air flow, while the bottom layer offers firm support and body contouring. The entire system weighs 28 pounds when folded, and it is easy to store anywhere.

The Hest Dually camping mattress features pockets on both ends and a convenient carrying handle. The mattress is 3.9 inches thick, making it easy to store. While it’s not as light as a typical camper’s mattress, the Hest Dually does offer more space than the average Suburban. It’s not a replacement for a full-blown camper, but it’s a great alternative for many backpacking trips.

The Hest Dually Camping Mattress is an ideal choice for those who love to travel light but are also concerned about comfort. Its dual-foam construction makes it significantly more comfortable than other outdoor sleeping options. It’s perfect for two people and is a great option for people who like to have a lot of space. The Hest Dually is priced at $499.

The Hest Dually camping mattress is waterproof and dirt resistant. Its cover is removable, allowing it to be cleaned between uses. The Hest Dually is also ideal for car camping. Its water and moisture resistant cover makes it convenient to clean and maintain.


Vango camping mattresses are designed to provide a high level of comfort while camping. Designed with the comfort of a comfortable bed in mind, these camping mattresses are self-inflating and are easy to store. They also feature features like a built-in carry bag and a Cyclone Flip Valve for safety.

The Vango Comfort 10 is one of the best double self-inflating mattresses in its class, and at a very attractive price. The 15-cm Shangri-La double SIM is a little more expensive, but it offers a good night’s sleep at an attractive price. The Andes 10cm double self-inflating mattress is also a good choice, as it is cheaper than most of its competitors but offers the same level of comfort. Andes has improved their valve design since 2016, which makes it much easier to use.

The Coleman Sleeping Pad is a good example of a high-quality camping mattress. It has a tapered design that is wider at the shoulders and narrower at the feet. This camping mattress is light enough to pack in your backpack and is comparable to two high-end backpacking mats. This camping mattress is easy to set up and features a repair kit. Its tapered design allows you to make micro adjustments, and it has a antimicrobial treatment to prevent nasty microorganisms from forming.